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In May, Ibiza is a popular destination. What to do in Ibiza in May 2022 and where to go in Ibiza in May 2022 The most often asked questions
Since the start of the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic, more people is getting used to working from home and while Social distancing is still in force and many countries have
A superyacht charter in the Balearic archipelago is the best opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful scenery in the mediterranean sea. And chartering a crewed motor yacht
“All of the major nightlife establishments on the island are already hard at work this winter preparing for the season,” says the author. In reality, they could already do
28 February 2022 The Balearic Islands waive all limits imposed by covid and require simply that the mask be worn indoors. After controlling the sixth wave and the omicron
23 February 2022 For the first time since November, Ibiza and Formentera have fewer than 400 active covid infections. In other words, they have fallen below that level after
The restrictions in Ibiza and Formentera due to the coronavirus covid-19 are lifted as the epidemiological situation in the Balearic Islands improves. Ibiza clubs will be able to open
Long term rentals Visit our dedicated page Click Here While hundreds of Europeans demonstrate in the streets against their governments for the confinements decreed, which once again lock them
At Your Ibiza we are happy to propose you our new web site dedicated exclusively to luxury villas in Formentera, rentals & sales, Formentera.luxe. Some are the most famous luxury
Finding bargains today is perhaps not entirely impossible, but given the offer of luxury villa rentals in Ibiza in high season at prices well below their real value, you