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While hundreds of Europeans demonstrate in the streets against their governments for the confinements decreed, which once again lock them up in their homes with the possibility of going out alone to perform essential tasks, the worsening of the evolution of the pandemic in the Spanish peninsula causes the chaos in large cities due above all to the lack of consensus among the various political groups that make the already complicated situation even more difficult to manage.

In Ibiza the situation is quite different. Ibiza still remains a place where you can feel safe and secure.
Despite the quarantine requirements to tourists back in their home countries and the closure of all clubs, Ibiza has been able to withstand the summer and design and promote other strategies so that the island’s economy, based solely on a tourism model, can renew itself and offer options to potential European visitors to choose this island as a home base since actually it is just a two-hour flight from anywhere in Europe.

The news in all the media take it for granted that this winter is predicted as crude as last spring, those who have the possibility of teleworking, writers, artists or people who have anyother job that allows them to move and develop it in another place, they’re all considering Ibiza as the ideal place for a seasonal rental, to take advantage of the good weather that the island enjoys during the colder months and at the same time to experience the other side of Ibiza.
Tha other side that is the least known, the one that has inspired many people through decades the one that can give you the chance to meet the true engines of this community, a spectacular combination of different nationalities that together create that special magic that you can feel in Ibiza.

Health, wellbeing, gastronomy, good weather, beautiful landscape and extremely good quality of life, what more could you wish for? Ibiza is without a doubt a perfect place for holidays but also for remote working.
For anyone that has been considering renting a property in Ibiza for one month or more, this is an ideal time to inquire. The prices of houses for a winter rental or however a non-vacation rental have dropped substantially. Even the annual rentals have seen their prices decrease and currently you can rent a villa with a pool in Ibiza for a very reasonable price, being reasonable between 2,500 and 3,000 euros / month.
People from the large cities of Spain in particular, are showing interest in the longer-term rental market in Ibiza and we expect to see this extend out to travelers from other countries of Europe along the coming months.

The best deals are often booked early, so if you are thinking of taking the plunge and spending this winter in Ibiza check our list of rentals, do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you find the villa or apartment that best suits your needs.

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